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ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) PT Prep Course

ACSM is the most highly sought after certifications in the industry — a credential that is known as the gold standard around the world.
Fees : Rs 20,000/-
Note: The fee mentioned above is the coaching fee. It does not cover the materal and examination cost. The material and examination can be purchased from

Topics Covered

Part I: Introduction to the Field and Profession of Personal Training
  1. ▪Importance of the field and profession of personal training  

  2. Career track for personal trainers

Part II: The Science of Personal Training
  • Anatomy and Kinesiology

    ▪Biomechanical Principles of Training
    ▪Exercise Physiology
    Nutrition and Human Performance 

Part III: Behavior Modification
  • Theories of behaviour change

    ▪Adherence to exercise: Helping your client stay active
    ▪Eliciting positive perceptions and behaviors: Coaching techniques

Part IV: Initial Client Screening
  • The initial client consultation

    ▪Preparation physical activity screening guidelines
    ▪Client fitness assessments

Part V: Developing the Exercise Program
  • Guidelines for designing flexibility programs

    ▪Functional movement assessments and exercise programming for apparently healthy participants
    ▪Personal training session components
    ▪Advanced program options
    ▪Special populations

Part VI: The Business of Personal Training
  • Business basics and planning

    ▪legal issues and responsibilities



New batch starts 25th May 2024

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